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Updated: May 4

I’m so spoiled. I grew up in a small town about an hour from the Ocean. Even though I was land locked, I’ve seen every square inch of NewEngland coastline from the sky. I’d scope out places I wanted to drive to or places to walk a beach.

My favorite view is from a boat on a dock. But that’s not happened often. But its motivated me to visit as many water front dock restaurants as I can.

Check back soon for my slllloowww Dock Tour of these eateries.

Some fun stuff on Food Truck gardens and other VERY cool places to eat.

If you’re coming to Savannah or Hiton Head. Bring your appetite

FIRST STOP - HUDSONS!! I recently bought what I affectionately refer to as a road boat; or an R&R. Rear wheel drive rear engine. Mine‘s a convertible. Although the sole occupant, I made this trip with a few other road boaters I waved to along the way. Actually saw a super cool hard top version of mine on rt 278.

Squire Pope Road is a great street. I love the drive. Took my left into the parking lot. And found a spot. There‘s two restaurants there, but this trip is about Hudson’s. Theres a HUGE parking lot. Today was fairly busy so it took a couple minutes to find a spot.

Walking around the corner I could smell the salt air. Low 70’s is sweatshirt weather for me now. It‘s an unassuming place from the outside(which meant, if the cars were packed in, it wasn‘t cushy chairs and chandeliers they were here for. It was something more. First thing that caught my eye was the “Oyster Bar” arrow. Land Ho! We’re there! So this place not only had an amazing view, but it had fresh, COLD, salty, briny delicious oysters. I slurped down three before I remembered to take a photo.

The steady tempo of laughter and story telling was a welcome option to the privacy of music; which was undoubtedly on the dock.

The view of Skull Creek was gorgeous. I considered trading my car for a boat! If you don’t live here, when you visit, you’ll dream of living here.

Squire Pope road is such an easy place to get to. It’s the best left before the toll road. In my humble opinion a great way to get a little taste of Hilton Head Island without going all the way out.

They‘re first come, first served, so plan ahead.

There‘s tons of choices on Skull Creek. More on that next time.


I’m a huge fan of the movie Avatar. It just showed the MIND everything it hasn’t thought of before. INNOVATION is often inspired by the questions, “why not” and “what if”.

Crab shack is a place that has been adopted by its surroundings. Nature has embraced such a good neighbor and granted it abundance of like minded creatures. It is intertwined into every aspect of the Crab Shack. The trees, the water, the parking lots. The docks, the boats, the birds, the fish. The bar, the tables, the buildings and the lights. My god I LOVE this place at night.

Last time my other half was down, I took her here. She was blown away. Crab Shacks slogan is, “Where the Elite Eat in their Bare Feet.” And it’s no joke! You can get Alaskan Crab Leg platters for 2 for $78. Thats actually not bad. Here’s the cool part though. You can get a hot dog, drink and fries for $10 bucks. In a place like this, that is a steal!

The only time I had a bad meal here was when they had a dish without their own ingredients. Nachos with cheese and chili. I think they ran out or something. But it’s still a Million dollar view. And Songs from Jimmy Buffett wind through the limbs of the Massive Mossy Oaks like a river that flows around rocks and over logs.

Today was high tide. And even the Geckos were out and about. Climbing the trees. Occasionally catching the eye of one of the resident cats.

The exotic birds can be heard in the distance across the docks, next to the gift shop. You can visit, lovebirds, parakeets, cockatoos and other rare birds.

The odd thing is that they all live here in harmony. Gators and all! The only creatures that don’t get out alive, are the delicious crabs.

If you’re looking for an *experience* you and your family will *never* forget, don’t miss the Crab Shack. I’d give you directions, but I’m trying to make sure there’s a seat for me when I get there tonight. ;)

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