How MAHI came to life.

Updated: May 4

MAHI has been in the works for a long long time. I have an adventurous spirit in technology as well as recreation....when the two meet, I'm in my element. MAHI became an acronym, because I wanted a brand with a message. Mind Attitude Heart and Innovation.

The fish logo is inspired by a life long friend's drawing. He had it almost completed before he passed.

He himself was into the name brands of clothes....Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie, Orvis, LLBean etc. He could rock a pair of cowboy boots just as easily though.

It's in honor of him, that I chose this type of fish. It is more about me preserving his legacy, than creating mine. This logo is

for Chris.

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Since I started this adventure back a few years ago, I realize how much other people in my life have given me the tools and the skills to continue it.

I can honestly say that I never stopped drawing since the first time I picked up a crayon. I can’t draw freehand that well, and they’re not great over a day, but a week or a month on something and its not bad.

I learned to sew in fifth grade or so. I made a pillow. An ugly pillow, but it held together. My mother teaches me the rest. Whether she knows it or not. The hum of her sewing is constant in their home. Her creative genes flourish throughout our family.

My dad teaches so much. Since we were kids, we’ve camped and hiked and sang and swam and rode and sailed all over the country. He teaches me how to work by principle as opposed to memory. Grasping the idea of something as opposed to just reading how to put something together. He was tool time tim before there was tool time Tim.

My dad didn‘t only teach us how to fish. He taught me and my brother and sister how to build our own fishing rods, catch live bait, tie our own nets, and most importantly how to make a single fish feed many. I‘ve had the luxury of being able to snorkel and fish and swim and sail in many areas of the world. Its my goal to share this brand in as many places of the world as have welcomed me.

For everyone who has experienced this. No matter how young or old.

This is what I want for MAHI. This is what I want for all of you.

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